Master Colour

The master colour programme is an intense journey of training towards becoming a MASTER COLOUR EXPERT.

Mel Was The First Master Colour Expert In This Area!!

Wella Professionals Master Colour Programme is the ultimate course to provide the highest achievers in colour with absolutely everything that could ever be needed within the salon to promote colour to the ever demanding clientele. It is truly holistic, bringing in all the key factors for colouring success from handling and getting more from basic colouring to the most challenging and complicated aspects of colouring and colour correction.

There are 4 stages to the programme

Stage 1

This stage is to brush up on all basic colouring techniques and the basic science behind the technical services provided.

Stage 2

This stage covers all aspects of colour including the science, biology and history to colour. This is no basic colour programme; it is very intense with projects, course work and an exam. The pass rate for this has to be higher than 85% and to be able to continue on to the stage 3 is 90%.

At the end of this stage Tina had to work on a model and colour and style hair and do an overall presentation to members of Wella, family and friends! All on stage at the Wella London Studio! Please take a look at the pictures! MEL ACHEIVED A PASS RATE OF 98% AND HAD THE HIGHEST RESULT AND ACHEIVED HER MASTER COLOUR AWARD!

Stage 3

This stage helps to build and consolidate on the expertise and the experience gained during stage 2. It helps to polish your skills and to learn to analyse hair from an advanced level.

During this stage you learn advance colour correction techniques and how to maintain healthy hair. MEL RECIVED HIS MASTER COLOUR SPECIALIST TITLE ONCE HE HAD COMPLETED THIS STAGE!

Stage 4

THIS STAGE IS BY INVITATION ONLY! Not just anybody can apply for this title and part of the programme. During this stage you learn the chemistry of colour and extreme colour correction, the emotion and psychology of the effects colour has on clients and the legal considerations to do with colour.

This is followed by a technical exam where hair has to be coloured to the same colour as a swatch Wella provide you. The hair you have to colour had been coloured already in 4 different sections. One section is jet black, the second section is blonde and damaged, the third is green and brown and the final section Mel coloured was red, orange and yellow including being very damaged. For each section there is an allotted amount of time and the exam is over 4 afternoons. All the hair from each section is marked and has to be the same colour as the swatch, and in good condition.

This exam has a high failure rate and was one of the most stressful and testing things Mel has had within his hairdressing career. MEL PASSED HER EXAM WITH A MARK OF 92% AND ACHEIVED THE TITLE AND HONER OF BEING ONE OF ONLY 150 PEOPLE IN THE UK TO BECOME A MASTER COLOUR EXPERT!!